Forest Hill International School Montessori Daycare & Preschool Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Inspirational teaching and caring, providing your child every opportunity to learn,
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Why Choose FHIS?

From our youngest students at 3 months through our Kindergarten (ages 5-6), we provide a Montessori educational environment designed to instill self confidence and independence, preparing your child to think and act responsibly, intelligently and with compassion.

You may ask, ‘How do we do that?’

We give your children freedom but within limitation. Montessori gives a young child freedom to work within the rules of the classroom. This helps your child be aware of, and responsible for her actions in her working environment.

We use carefully chosen and specially designed Montessori materials and curriculum. Each activity helps your child develop further in curiosity, skills and learning. During this process, each child moves from being undisciplined to self-disciplined, from disordered to ordered and from distracted to focused through working on tasks and activities.

At FHIS, Child–Centered teaching is important. We allow your child to express her thoughts and do things in her own way. If she does it incorrectly, we show your child how to do it the correct way by using positive language and encouragement.

Our learning environments are organized and attractive, with low shelves holding self correcting materials displayed for independent use. Our multi-sensory, hands-on materials are in regular use and each child has the opportunity to choose work that interests her.

At FHIS, our emphasis is on learning by doing rather than drills, memorization or finding information only to answer specific questions. We encourage your child to collaborate and help other children and we teach respect by respecting your child.

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