Forest Hill International School Montessori Daycare & Preschool Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Inspirational teaching and caring, providing your child every opportunity to learn,
explore, flourish, grow and understand their world.


PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN (CASA)  “Casa” means home in Italian,

As your child reaches the age of 3, she will join our Casa Class at our FHIS Daun Penh Campus.

When your child joins our Casa class, she is part of our inviting, comfortable and enjoyable ‘home’.  Our teachers have specially prepared interesting activities that encourage your child to concentrate and develop new skills and abilities that meet physical, mental and emotional needs, following the Montessori method. 

Some of the new skills your child will develop include reading and language, using everyday math, geography skills, practical life skills, science skills and grace and courtesy. 

Your child will learn many of the social roles in class with the other children through fun role playing lessons and will become more independent.

For more information, see our Curriculum.