Forest Hill International School Montessori Daycare & Preschool Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Inspirational teaching and caring, providing your child every opportunity to learn,
explore, flourish, grow and understand their world.

We Are Hiring!

The Forest Hill International School Montessori Daycare is seeking a Montessori trained teacher for the age group of 3 months - 3 years.

As the first international Montessori daycare in Phnom Penh, our indoor and outdoor space is designed to support the Montessori philosophy and educational approach, with an adult/child ratio of 1:4 and a team of Teaching Assistants who have completed Child Development, First Aid and CPR training.

Job Description:

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment for young children from the ages of 3 months until 3 years old;
  • Provide a learning environment to with a variety of experiences and opportunities that allow the children to develop curiosity, initiative, problem-solving skills, and creativity, as well as a sense of self and a feeling of belonging to the group; 
  • Follows the Montessori philosophy of teaching young children;
  • Respects infants' curiosity about each other, ensures that children treat each other gently;
  • Maintains an open, friendly and cooperative relationship with each child, family and staff.


  • Early Childhood/Montessori training/certification
  • Early Childhood/Montessori experience - 2 years minimum

Please send a covering letter and your CV to: