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Our Teachers

Cherriza Basa Roberts Teacher
Cherriza Basa Roberts
Cherriza Basa Roberts Teacher General Information

Cherriza teaches and guides our Toddler’s class (ages 2-3). Originally from the Philippines, Cherriza has taught in preschools both in the UK and in Cambodia. Her teaching experience in the UK was in a preschool based on the Montessori philosophy and practice. Cherriza’s educational background includes teacher training and music. Cherriza’s previous career as a professional musician has brought a stronger emphasis of music into the world of our very young learners, adding another avenue for creativity.

Heisui Head Teacher
Heisui Head Teacher General Information

I am Heisuilungle Haikube from North-East India. Been living in Cambodia for 12 years and been teaching for 11 solid years in different International Schools namely: Abundant Life International School, Footprints International School, Paragon [former Zaman] International School, Western University. With an immense sense of fulfillment and realization, looking back today I feel fortunate and blessed for all the opportunities and experiences that I have gained thus far in my profession as an educator in the sphere of early childhood education. And looking forward I am all the more inspired and motivated raring to invest in Forest Hill International School and Montessori-Day Care my time, energy and competence honed over the years. This is my first year as the Head Teacher and I am loving it, serving the school alongside wonderful industrious colleagues. I am a TESOL certified Teacher. Holds a PG Diploma in Montessori education, Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. Working with children is my passion and I truly believe every child is capable of learning at their own pace.

Susan Teacher
Susan Teacher General Information

Hello everyone, I am Susan Pareja, the Homeroom teacher of Grades 1 & 2. I am a Licensed Secondary Teacher from the Philippines with 12 years of teaching experience in international schools of different levels in Cambodia: nursery, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 5, Secondary school, University students and General English Program. My experience in education sector includes 6 years as a school principal {Mekong International School}. Other than teaching I have completed Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and it has helped me deliver lessons especially in Math in a more creative and engaging way. I am very hopeful for a meaningful and rich experience this academic year. I love my students and we are growing each new day.

Ron Teacher
Ron Teacher General Information

Hello I am Teacher Ronelle Engelbrecht born and bred in Africa. I have been a teacher in Cambodia for about 20 months, and have just joined Forest Hill International School for the new academic year and excitedly teaching in the Montessori style, and find it is very fulfilling to see the students grow and become independent. Professionally I am a Montessori trained teacher. I strongly believe in the Montessori method of teaching as it focuses on independence as well as academic learning. Currently I am teaching the Casa class, which is the 3-4 year old age group. I am able to communicate with them on their level, and we have lots of fun together as we explore various units of learning and broaden our horizons. So far, my Teaching Experiences are: IEYC / IPC, Montessori method. Besides teaching I am also a trained librarian. It’s a great joy to encourage my students learn to love reading.

Michelle Teacher
Michelle Teacher General Information

I am Teacher Michelle, Gravett {Adcock} a Montessori trained teacher. I have completed TEFL/TESOL Diploma. English is my native language. I have been teaching for two years in Cambodia and still counting for more years. My love of reading has attributed to quite an extensive vocabulary, however, I beleive when teaching children, the key is to Listen, Hear and keep it simple. I am currently employed as a teacher for Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten. I feel blessed and honoured to work with my collegues and Managers at Forest Hill International School. My biggests success is in encouraging children, who have difficulty communicating, and who refuse to speak, to start using full sentences. Discipline without having to raise my voice. Each student has a gift, and I have the ability to find their passion and include their passion in all the subjects. My focus is on what is best for the students and I work closely with my assistants, as a team, to help them learn and grow and continue to want to learn. Our art projects have been hailed as the best in the school, as their ability is above their age group. This has given them confidence and improved their hand writing.

Joralyn Palomata Teacher
Joralyn Palomata
Joralyn Palomata Teacher General Information

Hello I am Teacher Joralyn Palomata, Originally from Philippines, been staying in Cambodia for over four years and counting. Despite my background in business, I am trained to be a pre-school teacher when I started teaching at the International Academy for Education from 2015-2016. Then I spent the next three years at Wellington International School teaching pre-school. I am one of the newest teachers in Foresthill International School Montessori Daycare handling Toddlers B (ages 2-3). I am systematic and artistic when it comes to work. I diligently provide support to my pupils specifically those who need more attention considering my pupils as my children, being a mother myself. Walking the extra mile in integrating values in my pupil’s learning the academics and arts is my strength. I promote safety to avoid any accident among my toddlers. I am very excited to be with my precious Toddlers B class and hoping we have a wonderful year together.