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Our Teachers

Ms. Stephanie Boyd Head Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Boyd
Ms. Stephanie Boyd Head Teacher General Information

Stephanie has been part of our FHIS family for more than 3 years, teaching Casa classes. Originally from the US, Stephanie has her BA in Health Education from the University of Phoenix and is just finishing her Montessori Certification for ages 3-6 through the UMA (United Montessori Association) from the US. Currently teaching the Casa 3 class (children ages 4-5+), Stephanie prepares her students for entry into the international standard Kindergarten program, strengthening their emerging reading and language skills and further developing their numeracy, social studies, science, culture and life skills, expanding from the early years Montessori program. Stephanie also fills the role of Head Teacher of FHIS, ensuring the smooth running of our Montessori and international programs.

Ms. Maricris Joven Teacher
Ms. Maricris Joven
Ms. Maricris Joven Teacher General Information

Cris Is in her second year at FHIS Montessori Daycare, teaching and guiding our infants class (ages 3 months up until 2 years). In addition to her teaching experience with young children in Cambodia and her home country the Philippines, Cris is also a registered nurse with her BS in Nursing. Cris oversees the ongoing training of our Teaching Assistants in the areas of sanitation, safety and first aid. Cris’s medical background and her gentle manner with our youngest learners is reassuring for our parents and she is actively sought after for advice and information, especially from our first time parents.

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Cherriza Basa Teacher
Cherriza Basa
Cherriza Basa Teacher General Information

Cherriza teaches and guides our Toddler’s class (ages 2-3). Originally from the Philippines, Cherriza has taught in preschools both in the UK and in Cambodia. Her teaching experience in the UK was in a preschool based on the Montessori philosophy and practice. Cherriza’s educational background includes teacher training and music. Cherriza’s previous career as a professional musician has brought a stronger emphasis of music into the world of our very young learners, adding another avenue for creativity.

Margaret Tayamora Teacher
Margaret Tayamora
Margaret Tayamora Teacher General Information

Marge has been teaching in our FHIS primary program from August 2018 as well as our Summer Camp (July 2018). While Marge is newer to our school, she is not new to international education and Cambodia. Marge was teaching in Cambodia in 2005 until 2013 when she began teaching primary level in an international school in Tunis. Marge resumed her teaching career in Cambodia in 2018. With a BS and a MA in Education from her home country, the Philippines, Marge also has experience teaching the creative arts to primary age students, both here in Cambodia and her home country. Marge’s creativity has contributed to FHIS following the Montessori philosophy and practice into the primary grades.

Anastasia Teacher
Anastasia Teacher General Information

Anastasia teaches our youngest learners in our CASA 1 class (Montessori Preschool) for children ages 3+ years old. Before coming to FHIS, Anastasia’s more than 8 years of teaching experience included her role as an education consultant and Montessori teacher in the first AMI certified Montessori Center in Guangzhou, China. Additionally, Anastasia has worked with special needs children for many years, taught in Montessori programs, and taught English and Art. While working in education, Anastasia pursues her second greatest passion – art – by writing and illustrating educational children’s books and creating murals for children. Her artistic approach and experience in working with children of different backgrounds helps her create a true Montessori environment based on respect, trust in every child’s potential, and true passion for learning.

Angela Teacher
Angela Teacher General Information

Angela (Gigi) is from Australia and also teaches our younger learners in our Casa 2 class (Montessori Preschool) for children ages 3-4. Gigi‘s BA in Indigenous Studies was applied into the field of social work, specializing in assisting families and young children, before moving into a teaching career. She has been teaching young children internationally for more than two years. Gigi also has a background and certification in Art and has incorporated her talent and love for art into her teaching, fitting well into the Montessori philosophy and practice of developing creativity and the ability for children to express themselves and communicate their feelings through the arts. Angela is also co-authoring children’s books in Cambodia.