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School Fee Enquiry

Please fill information below to receive the school fee

Process & Policy


Parents are required to fill out an Application Form available at #50, Street 271, Teuk Thla, Sen Sok. Following documents are required to be submitted along with the Application Form.

  • A copy of your children’s birth certificate or passports (Foreigner) / family certificate (Cambodian);
  • A copy of your children’s immunization record;
  • A photo of your child for each person authorized to pick up your children (3 different people, 3 different photos of your child);
  • For children already completing Kindergarten or Grade One, a report (progress or grade report) of your child’s end-of-year assessment in a previous school.
  • Child Assessment before Admission
  • A grade-level assessment will be given to determine English language ability and general knowledge base appropriate to the grade level entering.
  • Children who have not been in a formal education program (all-day Kindergarten and Grade One) will be placed according to their age grouping.

Items to Bring and Not to Bring to School:

FHIS International Program Please bring the following items with your child’s name clearly marked:

  • A school bag with their name marked somewhere on the bag
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Clearly written student’s name is required on the lunch box
  • At least one spare set of clothing, extra underwear recommended
  • Swimsuit, towel, goggles for swimming lessons

FHIS Montessori Daycare

Please bring the following items with your child’s name clearly marked:

  • A school or diaper bag with their name marked on the bag
  • Bottles with formula or prepared breast milk; and any required baby food for Infants
  • A bottle or sippy cup for water or milk for Toddlers
  • Diapers, wipes, bibs and a change of clothing for Infants
  • Training pants, wipes, and a change of clothing for Toddlers
  • Medications (if needed): This bag might include a diaper rash cream/ointment, pain reliever, fever reducer, gas drops, and a topical teething ointment. Be sure to include a dropper as well. Write your child’s name on the individual medicines as well as on the plastic bag or first aid bag.
  • A typed schedule for your child so that we may follow it.

Please DO NOT Bring the Following items to school:


Candy, gum, soda pop, sugar cane juice, nuts, popcorn, or other packaged snack

Toys from home

Unlabeled clothing or items from home